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Welcome to!

Here are the 3 Reef tanks we have. The 58 is Mainly SPS, the 20 is softies. I have take quite a few pictures of the tanks with growth shots of individual corals as well.
Here are all of the pictures we have posted online. Most are of the aquariums. We are in the process of posting some of the house, trips and vacations.

Recent Site News

Workshop 12/2008
Posted: 01/06/2009
Disaster area, workbench and tool gloats.
Tools, jigs and workbench
Christmas Gifts
Posted: 01/06/2009
Wood gifts for my relatives.
Pens, Cutting Boards and wands
Pen Press
Posted: 10/14/2008
Pictures of my pen press for wood turned pens and pencils
New tools
Posted: 09/18/2008
New tools and shop pictures
Planer, band saw and lathe
April's pics
Posted: 04/06/2008
April's pictures
April 2008 all-in-one cube
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